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Washington Legal Foundation (WLF): Advocates for Freedom and Justice Eating Away Our Freedoms

Public Relations Demonization

Fostering negative impressions of “disfavored” products, the businesses that produce them, and the consumers that purchase them is an integral part of any activist campaign. Food and beverage producers, restaurants, and other enterprises connected to purportedly unhealthy foods are now facing increased attacks in the media, through online social networks, and even at their places of business. Such attacks often meet little public resistance, but are repeated by misinformed opinion-leaders and policy-makers, generating contrived momentum for corrosive action. 

     WLF Discusses Food/Drink Demonization on Radio Show

Washington Legal Foundation's Legal Studies Division Chief Counsel Glenn Lammi addressed "Legal Policies and Litigation Hostile to Consumers" October 10, 2016 on 1330WEBY's "Your Turn" program.


A link to the podcast is here. 

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No, cheese is not just like crack

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Food Lawsuits Claiming "Addiction" Coming to a Courtroom Near You?

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Activists Urge City Mayors to Turn Aside “Tainted” Philanthropic Grant for Obesity Initiatives

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New England Journal of Medicine Supplements Echo Chamber of Food Nanny Activists

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Attacks on Food Companies’ Front-of-Package Labels a Small Taste from a Supersized Agenda

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New Prohibitionists Gradually Eat Away Our Freedom to Choose

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Ideology Masked As Scientific Truth: The Debate About Children And Advertising

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Monday, April 25, 2005  |  WLF Resources

Exploiting Beer, Liquor, and Food

WLF In All Fairness Advertorial

Monday, April 15, 2002  |  WLF Resources

Eating Away Our Freedoms

WLF In All Fairness Advertorial

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